Note what past delegates have said about WFIC:


Aside from being great fun, WFIC events provide a tremendous opportunity for us to meet with our industry peers, customers, and friends. The various sessions and debates are educational and help us shape our industry for the future.

Oliver Albers


The World Financial Information Conference always yields a generous amount of productive dialogue and worthwhile industry insight. Because there is an investment of both time and travel budget to attend, WFIC conference participants are well motivated to ensure there is a satisfactory return on their investment.

Steve Ellenberg


I have had the opportunity to attend WFIC several times and each time I have received great value from the sessions and the networking. For senior professionals in the financial information space there is no better opportunity to get current on important issues facing the industry. Combine this with the chance for interaction with many of the key players from vendors, exchanges and user firms and you have the best industry gathering available.

Michael Connor

MNI/Deutsche Börse

I’ve now been to three WFICs, and I am increasingly impressed with the quality of knowledge sharing, through available networking with industry peers, featured speakers and panel discussions. The topics are relevant and often focused on developing trends and industry changes that we all must be prepared for as Market Data professionals.

Mark Durenberger

Deutsche Bank

WFIC consistently brings together industry participants from across the globe, while providing a valuable educational forum on current topics, issues and challenges. It also brings to a single location the major suppliers, consumers, exchanges and industry peers from the US, European and Asia Pacific markets. WFIC gives me the opportunity to meet face to face with more colleagues in the industry from all regions of the world that is otherwise impractical short of full-time travel.

Edmund Flynn

Morgan Stanley

WFIC is the main event in my conference budget for 2013. Each conference has successfully raised the bar to provide the foundation for peers to discuss and understand the issues and industry initiatives that face us today, as well as assess the implications on our organizations.

Kristen J. Mologousis

Northern Trust

The concentration of influential participants is beneficial to improvements in our industry and the uninterrupted time to confer with each other is invaluable.

Bill Lee

JPMorgan Chase

WFIC is the prime event where the financial information industry actively engages in strategically reviewing global practices and landscape that ensures that all players remain globally relevant and competitive. It also provides an opportunity to connect with all global players in this industry, engage with your existing clients and network with your prospective clients and suppliers.

Ana Forssman

Johannesburg Stock Exchange

WFIC provides a unique opportunity for financial institutions to interact, debate and join together to shape the development of the financial industry...competitors across our industry can gather in a neutral environment and forgo their differences to achieve a common goal.

Sallianne Taylor


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