Preparing to Submit

Before You Begin

Before you log on to complete the entry form, you will need:
  • Brand's gross revenue information (combined print and online) verified by your publisher
  • Primary classification number as listed in the Business Publication Advertising Source of SRDS (If necessary, ask your publisher or promotions manager for the information.)
  • Description of each entry (up to 1,500-characters)
  • Summary statement about your media brand's readership (up to 1,500-characters)
  • A Web-ready PDF of your print entry.
  • Active URL(s) or other access information
  • High-resolution image/screenshot (high-resolution JPEG or PNG file) of the opening page of your entry. For digital entries, also include a high-resolution (300 DPI or greater) screenshot of the home page or blog pages. All entries must have this artwork uploaded to the online entry system. The artwork will be used at the Neal Awards ceremony if you are named a finalist.

Step 1: Completing the online entry form

If you do not have a username and password for the Neal Awards online entry system, you will need to create one.

Complete one online form for each entry.

  • Start by selecting your brand's revenue classification (combined print and online).
  • Select the category for your submission. Use care in selecting this category. An inappropriate category may result in a low score. Alternatively, the Editorial Committee may elect to change an entry to the most appropriate category if a publication does not have two entries in that category. More guidance is offered under Submission Rules.
  • Enter your primary classification as listed in the Business Publication Advertising Source of SRDS (list of SRDS numbers).
  • Choose your staff acknowledgement. See your category page for more information.
  • Describe clearly the audience and the industry, profession, or business your entry serves. The screeners and judges should get a clear picture of who your readers are and what they do. The clearer your description, the better the screeners and judges will be able to determine if the material entered serves the readers' needs.
  • Complete a background statement. The statement should state the significance of the entry for your readers and the journalistic enterprise involved. Were the interviews hard to get? Was it necessary to survey a wide portion of your audience? Did it take months to do the legwork? The background statement can highlight any special or significant impact to the target audience or industry.
  • For digital entries, upload active URLs. All entries require a high-resolution (300 DPI or greater) image - either a screen shot or the entry's opening page.
  • For print components, upload a Web-ready PDF. You are not required to mail in tear sheets this year for print entries. Simply create a Web-ready PDF of your print entry and upload it to the entry site.
  • No mailed hard copies of entries will be accepted.
  • See your category page for additional submission requirements.
  • Rights permission

Step 2: Payment Instructions

All entries must be submitted and paid for online via credit card (American Express, MasterCard, Visa). Receipts will be emailed after payment is received by 11:59 p.m. PST, March 7, 2021.

If an entry that is submitted by the February 21 deadline is improperly submitted (and therefore subject to disqualification), the entrant will be notified and given an opportunity to make required changes. Processing of entries can take up to three weeks after they are received at Connectiv headquarters.

If you have questions about your entry, please contact us at