COVID-19 information: Some testing centers are closed. Review a list of test center closures here. Contact your testing center via the phone number listed in your registration for questions about their operating hours and policies. If you'd prefer to take your exam at home, contact Hope Wilkes for help moving your registration.

Data Licensing Specialist Exam Pricing

Individual Rates

You will schedule your exam location, date, and time online through Kryterion, the test facilitator that administers FISD Professional Certification exams.

FISD Data Licensing Specialist Exam – Introductory Special (for a limited time only)


FISD-recognized trainers are currently creating their courses for the Data Licensing Module. In the interest of fairness, FISD is offering the training discount to all test takers until training is available globally.

Once the introductory special ends, the regular fee will be $575.

Exam Retake


The test is challenging, even for some seasoned practitioners, so some candidates will not clear the 75% pass mark on their first attempt. Unlimited retakes are available at this reduced rate with no waiting period. Registration is self-service through the candidate’s existing Kryterion account. If your fee was forfeited due to a missed exam, contact Hope Wilkes to arrange a first attempt at the exam at the retake price. Retake pricing is non-transferable.

Group Rates (for groups of 15+)

If your organization would like to send multiple candidates to take the Data Licensing Specialist exam, there are two discount options available:

1. Registering and paying for multiple candidates to take the test through the normal test center process can qualify for bulk discounts

2. For organizations willing to offer the exam within their own test center while conforming to FISD’s rigorous security requirements, a great discount may be possible due to lower costs incurred by FISD.  Contact Hope Wilkes to discuss offering the Data Licensing Module exam in your office.

These volume discount bands are based on a per order basis. For example, an order placed one month for 17 exams would be priced at the 15 to 29 band. A second order for 16 exams placed two months later would also be priced at the 15 to 29 band.

FISD Data Licensing Specialist Exams – Volume Pricing

Between 15 and 29 exams – Introductory Special
Between 30 and 50 exams – Introductory Special
51+ exams – Introductory Special

$300 each
$275 each
$250 each