How Finalists are Determined

CODiE Award Finalists are determined by averaging the scores each product receives from the first-round review, and then the top scorers in each category advance as finalists. Some categories are larger than others, so we adjust the number of finalists per category accordingly.

Number of Finalists

The number of finalists in each category is determined by the total number of nominations in each category:

3 nominations = 2 finalists
4-5 nominations = 3 finalists
6-10 nominations = 4 finalists
11-15 nominations = 5 finalists
16-20 nominations = 6 finalists
21-25 nominations = 7 finalists
26-30 nominations = 8 finalists
31-35 nominations = 9 finalists
36-40 nominations = 10 finalists)

Once the first-round expert review is complete, all nominees receive detailed feedback from their judges that can be used in marketing, promotions and to help guide future product development.