How it Works

CODiE Winner Beyondcore


Nominate Products:
November 16, 2020 - January 29, 2021

Nominate your Ed Tech or Business Tech products for a CODiE Award. Most companies nominate their own products, but investors, agencies and sponsors are also welcome to nominate a product on the company’s behalf. 

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First Round Expert Review:
Judge Evaluations & Selection of Finalists

  • Evaluation Period: February 15 – April 16, 2021
    Product Demonstrations to Two Expert Reviewers
  • Determines Finalists (and 80% of overall score)


In the first-round review, all nominated products receive a detailed review by two expert judges. First round CODiE Awards judges include industry executives and analysts, representatives of media outlets, bloggers, investors, and, for the education categories, educators and administrators.

Each product is judged against category specific criteria so that the best products rise to the top, and top rated products from the first round of review are elevated to finalists.

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Second Round Peer Review:
SIIA members and community leaders vote on top products

  • Evaluation Period: May 10 - May 21, 2021
  • Finalists Announced: May 4, 2021

finalist submit brief statements and videos on their products for review by SIIA members and community leaders.


Announcement of Winners

The CODiE Award winners will be announced June 22 & 23 

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