1998 Winners

Best Overall Multimedia Production
Riven: The Sequel to Myst, Red Orb Entertainment

Best Use of Visual Arts in Multimedia
Monopoly Star Wars, Hasbro Interactive

Best New Software Program of the Year
Microsoft Office 97, Microsoft

Best Debut of the Year
Trellix 1.0, Trellix

Best Internet/Online Service
PointCast Business Network, PointCast

Best World Wide Web Site
Discovery Channel Online, Discovery Channel Multimedia

Best Debut of a World Wide Web Site
Purple Moon, Purple Moon

Best Internet Commerce World Wide Web Site
Microsoft Expedia Travel Services 2.0, Microsoft

Best Multiplayer Online Game award
Diablo, Blizzard Entertainment

Best World Wide Web Applet/Plug-In
RealPlayer Plus, RealNetworks

Best New Consumer Software Program
Riven: The Sequel to Myst, Red Orb Entertainment

Best Consumer Software Upgrade
Encarta Encyclopedia 98 Deluxe, Microsoft

Best Home Productivity Software Program
Family TreeMaker Deluxe Edition, III, Broderbund Software, Banner Blue Division

Best Home Creativity Software Program
Disney's Magic Artist, Disney Interactive

Best Business Software Program
FileMaker Pro 4.0, FileMaker Inc.

Best New Business Software Program
Microsoft Office 97, Microsoft

Best Niche Market Software Program
TurboTax for Business, Intuit

Best Numeric or Data Business Software Program
FileMaker Pro 4.0, FileMaker Inc.

Best Text or Graphics Business Software Program
Adobe Illustrator 7.0, Adobe Systems

Best Programming Tool
Netscape Publishing Suite, Netscape Communications

Best Home Education for Children
Disney's Ready to Read with Pooh, Disney Interactive

Best Home Education for Pre-Teens
Carmen Sandiego Word Detective

Best Home Education for Teenagers and Adults
Rand McNally New Millennium World Atlas Deluxe, Rand McNally New Media

Best Reference Product
The Complete National Geographic, National Geographic

Best Enterprise Client-Server Application
ONYX Customer Center 3.5, ONYX Software

Best Enterprise Management Tool
Optima! F, Micrografx

Best Groupware Product
ArchiCAD for Teamwork, Graphisoft R&D Software Development

Best Network Security Product
CyberGrard Firewall Release 4, CyberGurard Corp.

Best Middleware Product
ColdFusion 3.0, Allaire

Best Adventure/Role-Playing Software Game
Diablo, Blizzard Entertainment

Best Action/Arcade Software Game
Star Trek Starfleet Academy, Interplay Productions

Best Sports Software Game
Links LS 1998 Edition, Access Software Inc.

Best Strategy Software Game
Command & Conquer Red Alert, Westwood Studios

Best Education Software Program
ClarisWorks for Kids, FileMaker Inc.

Best Education Software Upgrade
Britannica Online 98, Encyclopaedia Britannica

Best Education Online Product
Discovery Channel School, Discovery Channel Multimedia

Best Curriculum Software for Early Education
ClarisWorks for Kids, FileMaker Inc.

Best Curriculum Software for Middle School
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?, Broderbund Software

Best Curriculum Software for Secondary/Post-Secondary Schools
Ocean Expeditions: El Nino, Tom Snyder Productions

Past Winners

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