1990 Winners


Best New Business Software Product
Lotus Notes, Lotus Development Corporation

Best Vertical Market Application
Personnel Policy Expert (Version 2.0), KnowledgePoint

Best Business Application: Word or Text Orientation
EYE RELIEF Large Type Word Processor (MS-DOS), SkiSoft Publishing Corporation

Best Business Application: Graphic or Display Orientation
HP NewWave, Hewlett-Packard

Best Business Application: Numeric or Data Orientation
Quattro Pro (MS-DOS), Borland International, Inc.

Best Programming Language or Tool
THINK C, Symantec Corporation

Best Utility/Communications Product
Lotus Magellan, Lotus Development Corporation


Best Fantasy Role Playing/Adventure Program
Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon, Sierra On-Line, Inc.

Best Sports Program
HardBall II, Accolade

Best Simulation Program
SimCity, The City Simulator, Maxis

Best Strategy Program
Populous, Electronic Arts

Best Action/Arcade Program
WELLTRIS, Spectrum HoloByte

Best Entertainment Program
SimCity, The City Simulator, Maxis

Best Personal Productivity/Creativity Program
Quicken 3.0 (MS-DOS), Intuit Corporation


Best Early Education Program
The Playroom, Brøderbund Software, Inc.

Best Elementary Education Program
Math Shop Jr., Scholastic Software

Best Secondary Education Program
Math Blaster Mystery, Davidson & Associates, Inc.

Best Home Learning Program
Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego?, Brøderbund Software, Inc.

Best School Productivity/Creativity Program
Compton’s Multimedia Encyclopedia (Networked), Britannica Software, Inc.

Best Special Needs Program
EYE RELIEF Large Type Word Processor (MS-DOS), SkiSoft Publishing Corporation

Best Curricular Program
SimCity, The City Simulator, Maxis


Best Technical Achievement
RealSound (MS-DOS), Access Software

Best Design Achievement
HP NewWave, Hewlett-Packard

Best New Use of a Computer
Compton’s Multimedia Excyclopedia (Networked), Britannica Software, Inc.


Best Business Program
MacroMind Director (Macintosh), MacroMind

Best Consumer Program
SimCity, The City Simulator, Maxis

Best Education Program
The Children’s Writing and Publishing Center, The Learning Company


Alan Kay, Apple Fellow
Steve Jobs, NeXt

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