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8 Ways to Generate More Webinar Revenue

According to GoToWebinar's benchmark report last year, 36% of registrations occur between 8-10 am. So if you're sending out a marketing email, early might be best. They also note that 59% of registrations occur less than a week before the webinar. The problem is that we get nervous when not that many people are signed up.


Getting More Revenue From Your Webinars

You can't be too early in marketing your webinars and you almost can't be too late. According to ON24's 2017 Webinar Benchmarks Report, almost one in four registrants sign up for a webinar more than 15 days before the event. And about 25% of webinar registrants sign up on the day of. (31% register 1-7 days before, and 21% sign up 8-14 days out.) See the report here.


Leveraging Sponsored Webinars to Drive Revenue and Education

The American Society for Cell Biology put on a recent series of five webinars on light microscopy, a trending topic for cell biologists. They structured an agreement with a company to sponsor the entire series where ASCB chooses speakers for four of the webinars, and the sponsor chooses the fifth—according to an article in Associations Now. It’s a generous concession, but I would think there has to be some buy-in on the part of ASCB for that last speaker. Still, being creative with getting sponsorships for webinars should be encouraged. Webinars have been very successful for many SIPA members, but as we know, times change and it’s always good to look at different revenue formulas. The American Pharmacists Association’s Access Project, a subsection of its learning department, puts on 15-30 webinars each year—95% of which are fully sponsored. Anthony Gary, APhA’s senior manager of education, said they have done webinars for so long that, in ...