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What One Events VP Does Every 12 Months to Generate More Revenue

Among Dan Hanover's 10 habits for putting on successful events, that the Access Intelligence VP, Event Marketing Group, exulted through at June's SIPA 2016, was this: If it works don't do it again. "Reset and refresh your campaigns every year," he said. "We try to one up ourselves every year—there's always a better way of doing something. Resetting events gets attendees to come back. Changing out content is not enough to be considered an event refresh.


Creating the Video Was Only the Beginning for SIPAward Winner

“Video is where we play best on this event,” said Dan Hanover, VP of Access Intelligence, at the June SIPA Conference. “Our attendees eat with their eyes. So rather than market this event from the beginning as a traditional event with brochures and copy, we do all video marketing.” Hanover was referring to EVENTtech, their Las Vegas-based, mega-conference and exposition on using social media and technology to optimize live experiences. Attendance is up, and video marketing is a huge reason why. He then showed the 81-second video that drove their marketing—and won their group a 2016 SIPAward for Best Use of Video. “Who’s not gonna want to go that event?” Hanover asked after it played. He pointed out that the video “has content from the awards our readers submit as well as content from our actual event the year before.” The faces in the video make a strong impression because of this. (Matt Bailey and Amy Af ...


If You Have Something Popular, See What Else Can Be Created Around It

When you see a successful enterprise—let's say the Broadway musical Hamilton—you often see it marketed and monetized in many ways. There's the cast recording (in CD or vinyl), productions in other cities, tee-shirts, caps, water bottles, special appearances by the actors, even Broadway Carpool Karaoke, etc.