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Seeking Out the 'Voice of the Customer'

"I tell everybody that works for me that I'd rather have them try and fail than not try. And that I want them to make a decision. We can fix a bad decision; we can't fix a no-decision. No one will ever get fired for trying something new or for failing at something they tried to do. I reward people who try, people who think outside the box. I am doing everything I can to empower my team all the way down the chain to say, 'Look, this is what we need to do for the customer.'"


BIMS Keynote Kapur Talks Growth, Data, Millennials and a New Era of Lead Generation

“Traditional lead generation is on its way out the door,” Rajeev Kapur, CEO of 1105 Media and a keynote speaker at SIIA’s upcoming Business Information & Media Summit (BIMS), Nov. 14-16 in Fort Lauderdale, told me recently. “Over the next couple years it’s going to be challenged. If you continue to do lead gen the same way over time, you’ll fall behind. The folks providing the leads—i.e. 1105—need to do a better job of providing leads.