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Building a Content-Aware Organization Takes Wide Eyes and Bold Goals

In a wonderful guest column recently on BLR CEO Dan Oswald’s blog, Bob Brady—who founded Business and Legal Resources (BLR) in 1977 and was its longtime CEO—waxed boldly about grabbing opportunity: “Don’t be afraid to take chances. Not everyone is cut out to start a business, but everyone should be trying to move on to new career and personal opportunities. If you think you want to try something, even in your existing job, show some initiative. Figure out what it would take to get started. Make a plan.” Fittingly, that became a theme at the recent SIPA Conference, where Brady was inducted into the SIPA Hall of Fame. Be bold, take chances. Time and again, publishers talked about taking the leap, not being afraid to fail and building a transformative culture.  In a session titled Building a Content-Aware Organization, Wayne Cooper, managing director of Greenhaven Partners, spoke of an early initiative w ...