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Being Solutions Oriented and a Bit Mysterious Can Increase Open Rate

“On balance, solutions headlines yield more clicks than non-solutions headlines—but the difference is modest and many other factors also affect the number of clicks received by each headline. [In our tests…] the solutions headline garnered more page views 56% of the time, the non-solutions headline attracted more clicks 40% of the time, and the two tied 4% of the time.” That quote comes from researchers Natalie Jomini Stroud, Ph.D., and Alex Curry in a new report from the Solutions Journalism Network and The Huffington Post. The goal was to test what kind of headlines gain more traction: those with, or without, a solution tease. Here are other conclusions from the 50 Huffington Post tests: 1. Including a “mysterious” unnamed location or group in a headline can increase the clickthrough rate (e.g. “This City Has a Solution to Poverty”). Ambiguity can tempt a reader to click on a headline to discover an identity—of a ...