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Member Profile: myStockOptions Wins With Content Licensing

SIPA: You're speaking at the SIPA Conference on content licensing. How did that revenue area come about for you? Bruce Brumberg, founder and editor-in-chief, When we went live in June 2000, internet "business models"—if you could call them that in those days—were all about getting as much traffic as possible with the goal of either selling advertising or the company. We tried to be advertising supported, but financial firms we approached to be sponsors, such as JP Morgan Private Bank (now part of JP Morgan) told us that, "We really like your content more." So we decided to go the route of content licensing, which plays more to my strengths, too. Then licensing prospects started asking, "Why should we license your content when we can link to it for free?" So that's when the gates went up. In 2003 we moved to what is now known as the "freemium" membership model for our public site and haven't looked back.