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Niche Publishers Respond to the New Needs of Their Audience

Send a survey. The editorial team at Access Intelligence's PRNEWS is requesting feedback about the type of content most desired by communications professionals. "In order to better understand what you need to perform your job well, we rely on your feedback, which in turn helps us develop our platform to meet your needs. So, let us know what type of content you look for on a daily basis...we're listening


Podcasts Can Be Great for Marketing But Think Content and Interest First

"As you develop a podcast concept, expect it to morph and change. 'Our original thought with the podcast was to fill a gap in how IBM Cloud educated sellers and partners about new features,' say the hosts. 'We were going to do episodes on the new stuff. We quickly realized that 1) we couldn't keep up, and 2) episodes about new capabilities were really boring; like Ian and Steve fell asleep.'"


12 Guidelines for Putting on Revenue-Generating Seminars

We treat [speakers] like the kings and queens they think they are." That was Lynn Freer, president of California-based Spidell Publishing, speaking at last Thursday's hugely informative premier event in SIPA's new Best Practices Series—sponsored by the Specialized Information Publishers Foundation.