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6 SIPA Conference Speakers Who Need to Be Heard

"People pay for what they want, not necessarily what they need," Lynn Freer, president of Spidell Publishing, said recently. "[We] really need to understand this. At the checkout counter, dothey want granola or candy, People Magazine or The New Yorker, chewing gum or vitamins? Don't use valuable real estate [or] webinars to sell something people don't want and don't want to pay for."


Langbehn Finds the Best Ways to Innovative Product Development

"Companies do not ask customers what they want [enough]," Arno Langbehn, CEO, B. Behr's Verlag GmbH & Co. KG in Hamburg, Germany, told a large SIPA audience two years ago in a wonderful keynote. "'We are not in the coffee business serving people,'" he said, quoting a successful brand. "'We are in the people business serving coffee.' Customers only buy when they see themselves [getting] a benefit from it."


Attendees and Organizers Agree, Differ on Some Key Event Desires

A new survey by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) has revealed some interesting correlations and disconnects when it comes to events. It is especially something for SIPA members to take notice of because the respondents were 420 U.S.-based professionals who attend at least one B2B exhibition/conference each year.