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SIIA Digital Policy Roundup: "Do Not Track" discussions stalled, FTC announces workshop on native advertising, SIIA Comments to FTC on E-Rate, Postal Exigency Rate Still Possible

“Do Not Track” Discussions Stalled, Ability to Reach Consensus Questioned As the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and other stakeholders assess the status of discussions surrounding a browser-based “do not track” solution, the process suffered a significant setback on Tuesday when the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) announced that it is withdrawing from future participation in the W3C Tracking Protection Working Group (TPWG). In a letter to W3C CEO Jeff Jaffe, the DAA announced it will convene its own process and forum for evaluating how browser-based signals can be used meaningfully to address consumer privacy. The process reportedly will include browsers manufacturers, consumer groups, advertisers, marketers, agencies and technologists and will be a more practical use of our resources than to continue to participate at the W3C.”In response, past TPWG Chair Peter Swire expressed his agreement that the Working Group does not have a path to consensus tha ...