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Simplicity, Customer Fit and Good Feelings Prove Key to New Products

One of the themes of the SIPA 2016 Conference this week was simplicity. I heard it in Dan Hanover's wonderful events session yesterday when he said that "attendees register with their eyes" so use "short impactful content." He showed us an old registration webpage with lots of copy vs. a new one with dramatic photos and "Ready. Set. Register." centered in big letters. Guess which one did better?


10 Ways to Accelerate Your Search for New Ideas

Exiting a wonderful new play this weekend in New York titled Familiar by Danai Gurira—she is also represented on Broadway now with Eclipsed—my friend said, "That plot reminded me of something else I just saw." We couldn't think of it but did agree that the three sisters of the play is also a common plot, as is bringing everyone together for an impending wedding.