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Grech Uses Journalistic Experience to Help Publishers Market Better

Like many publishing entrepreneurs, Dan Grech—founder and lead instructor of BizHack Academy for digital marketing training which he started in 2017—spent his early career as a journalist. As an intern at The Miami Herald, he was part of Pulitzer Prize-winning team coverage of the Elián González INS raid. "I call that my award for being in the right place at the right time," he said humbly.


SIPA Member Profile: January Spring Helps Publishers Bloom

Charity Huff and Shannon McBride started new SIPA member January Spring in 2017 and have been growing the digital agency rapidly ever since. With a combined 50 years in media and sales experience and calling themselves “jargon-clearers,” they excel at making marketing tech work for all types of media companies. Lately they have been fielding requests for content management systems migration and media website build-out projects, so they have engaged the very experienced and knowledgeable Chris Tippie to lead these projects. In a recent phone conversation, I asked Huff and McBride about the company, digital advertising, CMS migrations and social media strategy, specifically Facebook. SIPA: What made you start January Spring? CHARITY HUFF: We thought about opening our own agency for several years. As digital executives, we’ve worked for or competed against almost every provider. We wanted to work with the b ...