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SIIA Urges Reversal of Federal Circuit Decision in Apple v. Samsung

For the past several years, SIIA has been trying to persuade Congress to change patent law to make it more difficult for non-practicing entities (e.g., trolls) to shake down technology businesses.   What we don’t need is additional court decisions that make matters worse.   To that end, SIIA, along with several leading tech companies, filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court urging it to reverse the Federal Circuit’s decision in Apple v. Samsung.  (For those of you that are curious, the Federal Circuit decision is here). Apple and Samsung have been battling in court for the past several years over design patents, which cover only non-functional aesthetic elements of a particular product.   A person who uses that design without an authorization is an infringer, in the same way that someone who used Apple’s “slide to unlock” feature without a license would owe them a royalty.   Where the two kinds of patents ...


SIIA Digital Policy Roundup: Patent Litigation Reform Legislation, EU Data Privacy Regulation, PTO Strategic Plan & Draft Cybersecurity Framework Released

Judiciary Chairman to Introduce Patent Litigation Reform Legislation House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) will introduce his patent reform bill today, and he has scheduled a Committee hearing on the legislation on October 29, entitled “Improving the Patent System to Promote American Innovation and Competitiveness.” The bill is expected to be very similar to the recent discussion draft released in September. SIIA believes that it is essential for Congress to promptly pass legislation that effectively addresses patent litigation abuse without harming the patent protections that spur innovation. We will continue working closely with Chairman Goodlatte and other congressional leaders to accomplish this objective.