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Using the Power of Testimonials and Referrals

This past weekend, I was looking over a webpage for a group going to a new musical called Come From Away this Sunday night—the 15th anniversary of 9/11. The show focuses on the trans-Atlantic flights on that fateful day that had to be grounded in Gander, Newfoundland, and how the people of the town welcomed the passengers.


A Certification or Digital Badge Program Can Pay Dividends

When Bob Coleman needed a name for his now, two-plus, year-old training program, he chose Coleman Certified Training. "We've been in the [small business banking and loan] space for 20 years," he said at the time. "I struggled with [what to call it] but we are perceived as the experts in the space—people understand our brand. Do we want institute of professionals or Coleman certified? Let's try Coleman Certified Training."


5 Ways to Make Your Storytelling More Engaging and Effective

Most of us spend our entire lives surrounded by the stories we're telling," said Sarah Redohl in a webinar for the American Society of Business Publication Editors yesterday. "It's not that hard to pull out your cameras and start shooting those moments. The more you do that, the more proficient you will be at it. Start taking your phone out right now and start shooting videos."