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Where is Ed Tech Headed? Follow the Robots out of the Toy Aisle and into the Classroom

Walking into giant ed tech expos like those at FETC or TCEA, you might think you had mistakenly landed at a consumer electronics or toy show. Giant display screens, walking robots, virtual reality experiences, blinking blocks and wall-climbing robotic cars share the exhibit floor with more mundane tools like digital libraries, security software and math games. 


Learnings from LearnLaunch: A Look Behind Ed Tech Investment

What is behind the $3.5 million invested in ed tech in 2015? Victor Hu, Global Head of Education Technology and Services Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs, took the audience at LearnLaunch’s 4th Across Boundaries conference on a tour of that bubble. Here are some takeaways to keep in mind as you prepare for SxSWedu next month in Austin.