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'Move as Fast as You Can'; Event Experts Advise on Postponements, Outreach and Platforms

Whether you cancel or postpone an event should be "based on the information you have today. You have to look to your customers," said Alicia Evanko, executive vice president, Travel Group Global Events, Northstar Travel Group, during a webinar Thursday on Coronavirus and Your Events: How to Make Decisions that Protect Your Business and the Safety of Your Staff. (Members can watch the webinar or download a written transcript here.)   "For us our final decision to postpone our May event was customer feedback. You want to plan these things now. Because come the fall, everyone is moving their events. You want to get out ahead. Any event in May or June, it's a tough call... You have to consider who your audience is, how big your event is and if you want to keep it in the same calendar year. The sooner you get there the better."   Even in the couple days since that webinar, May events seem more fleeting. Evanko offered an example of an event that they wanted to m ...


SIIA New Member Interview – WebMechanix

The SIIA is delighted to introduce one of the newest members to join SIIA’s Software & Services Division, WebMechanix. I had a chance to sit down with Jarrett Fleagle, Director of Business Development to learn more about WebMechanix and how they help mid-market companies & organizations crank up lead generation while predictably growing revenue through digital marketing. Please find my interview below.