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Replay 'Live' Again or Chop Into Pieces - the Art of Repurposing

Daniel Pink, one of my favorite authors and lecturers, recently spoke on a video for To make audience engagement easier, Inc. wrote a short article with three big takeaways from the video. (They are: Start with small wins; Infuse your goals with purpose and; Lead by example.)    In an article on repurposing, Blue Sky Blog advises following Inc's lead and creating blog posts from your videos, podcasts and sessions: “While you listen to the recordings (or read a transcript), you’ll want to pick out topics that you think would be interesting for you to expand on [or summarize] for your audience… Also ask your speakers if they’d be willing to write these articles in addition to presenting the sessions. [And amplify them on their social media.] They may be willing to for the additional exposure.” Repurposing your content any time is a good thing, but especially now, where your audience may not be catching everything ...