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Langbehn Finds the Best Ways to Innovative Product Development

"Companies do not ask customers what they want [enough]," Arno Langbehn, CEO, B. Behr's Verlag GmbH & Co. KG in Hamburg, Germany, told a large SIPA audience two years ago in a wonderful keynote. "'We are not in the coffee business serving people,'" he said, quoting a successful brand. "'We are in the people business serving coffee.' Customers only buy when they see themselves [getting] a benefit from it."


Be Bold, Be Personalized and Be Social in 2016 - Oh, and Nice

I was bicycle riding on our Rails to Trails path on Sunday when a small girl, maybe two years old, wandered away from her parents and onto the path. It's a busy area so I stay pretty aware when I ride there, and was fortunate to be able to stop short. When I started again, a rider coming in the other direction shouted, "Good reaction time!" to me.