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Q&A with Tyler Alvarado, Director, Inspectioneering, The Woodlands, Texas

Can you give me a little background on Inspectioneering? Inspectioneering Journal was created in the mid-'90s as a niche publication to serve the oil and gas, chemical, power generation, and other process-heavy industries. In particular, it was created to give inspection, engineering, and maintenance professionals (affectionately referred to as "Asset Integrity Professionals") working in the aforementioned industries a reliable technical resource to help them (1) do their jobs better, and (2) make these industries safer. 


SIPA Member Profile: Henderson Has It All Covered With NewsRx

SIPA: Summarize NewsRx for us. C.W. Henderson: NewsRx was founded 32 years ago and has offices in Atlanta and New Haven. It is an acronym for news script (script theory in artificial intelligence), although some think news script refers to news prescription or news about pharma. Many SIPA and SIIA members may not have heard of us, but likely they have read news from one of our 194 newsweeklies, since our articles have been downloaded more than a billion times. We are the world's largest producer of professional news and write more than 10,000 original articles each day. Our two largest content areas are financial research and life sciences.