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SIIA Sets Its Legislative Priorities for 2015

A new Congress and a reinvigorated Administration mean legislation of interest to SIIA’s members is likely to pass in 2015.  We intend to be pro-active and vigilant to ensure that this legislation responds to the broad public interest, including preserving and advancing the business interests and opportunities of SIIA’s member companies.


Data Innovation and Intellectual Property Protection Top SIIA Policy Agenda for 2014

SIIA’s Government Affairs Council met to identify the organization’s policy priorities for 2014.  Following the meeting, which took place Wednesday, SIIA announced that it will continue to take a leadership role in promoting the economic and social value of data-driven innovation, and to advocate for policies that enable innovation, rather than creating broad restrictions on the collection and use of data. SIIA also said that a top legislative priority in the year ahead will be enactment of patent litigation reform and legislative measures that assure that digital content providers can control the distribution of their products and services.