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Products, Venues, Conversations and Swag All Have Room for Innovation

A 6th grade teacher here in northern Virginia made positive headlines last week for teaching virtually from a treehouse. Nellie Williams said “a lot of math was involved” to remodel the space this summer with her husband, but she enjoys the serenity and uniqueness of the unconventional classroom—and how it connects with students.“They are really excited to have a teacher that is teaching from a treehouse,” she said.


'People Have to Feel Like They Trust You'; Building Relationships Defines BIMS Day 2

On the NPR quiz show Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, they've taken to asking celebrity guests on "Not My Job" a multiple choice question—where all the choices are right! It makes sense. Number one, it allows them to give three correct pieces of information, and two, nobody loses. I thought of that watching Jim Sinkinson give his thorough, benefit-laden Copywriting Bootcamp today at Day 2 of BIMS 2020.


'This Will Take You to a Whole Other Level'; BIMS Speakers Lay Out the Strategies

“Company A Acquires Company B.” "Great, I read the same thing in Google," Jim Sinkinson of Fired Up! Marketing once told us about a headline he received. “Your content should not be about the industry per se, it should be about the reader. There are important developments afoot in that acquisition that are going to affect me.”