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'We Are Thinking Differently'; Crisis Mode May Mean Innovation Mode

Our condo association told us that we have to get our dryer vents cleaned out this year. A neighbor put up a sign recommending we call this company for a group rate. So I called. They told me that the date they’ve set to come is Saturday, Oct. 24 because people can be home. I said, 'Maybe that was true in olden times (like 2019), but I know I’m tied to my laptop and condo Monday through Friday and try to get away a bit on Saturdays, so that wouldn’t work. How about another day?'”   “Well, we barely have anyone signed up that day so I don’t think so—we need to fill that day first.” Argghh.    The pandemic has brought on circumstances that require we change many of the ways and habits we have become accustomed to or to innovate and start a new habit. Here are positive examples that I’ve seen.   Double down on content. When the pandemic hit, Morning Brew launched a guide telling readers how best to w ...


August SIPA Member News

SIPA to Merge With Major B2B Publishing Associations   Yesterday we made an important announcement about an exciting merger between SIPA and our two sister media divisions under the SIIA umbrella—Connectiv and Association Media & Publishing. Read the announcement here.   SIPA members will soon receive an invitation to participate in a Readex Research survey. Your feedback will directly inform new programming, messaging and a refined value proposition for the new consolidated organization, so we greatly encourage your participation. Questions? Visit the FAQ page or contact Amanda McMaster at Members on the Frontlines   I’ve done recent profiles on a number of members and the great work they are doing in this unique period. If you missed any, please check out MedLearn Media’s amazing crisis content, Coleman’s PPP webcasts, EB Medicine’s incredible ...


12 Lessons From Publisher's Profitable New Initiative

One particular takeaway of a BIMS session on retention given by Liz Slovenkay, membership director for insideARM—a publisher in the debt collection field—had me nodding in firm agreement. Slovenkay found that a member in their Compliance Professionals Forum hadn't been placed in a peer group for six months, obviously hurting renewal chances.