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'The Landing Page Is the Critical Part'; Bailey Talks Sales Funnels and Websites

Something—maybe a reminiscence about his narrowing down your main marketing message to six words (try it)—led me to Matt Bailey’s excellent blog last week, Endless Coffee Cup. The subject was the sales funnel. Apparently there has been some doubts raised about it.   “I can’t imagine why someone would say the sales funnel is dying,” he told his equally lively co-host Ashley Schweigert. “Maybe we’ve seen a flattening—the places people are coming into the funnel—[but if anything] it’s getting greater.   “The reason we’ve had the funnel to begin with is that we need a visual representation of what’s happening. Just looking at numbers alone is not an understandable way about where are people in our sales process. How are we acquiring? Where are they? What stage do they go to next?”   That made me want to call Bailey—an accomplished speaker, trainer, author ...