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Virtual Event Benchmarks Call for a Clear Strategy and On-Demand Push

I mentioned this briefly yesterday, but a company called Nucleus has taken data from three virtual event benchmark reports to create some insightful infographics. Here are a few of their findings with comments:   58% of virtual events include some form of interactivity; the average attendee watches 68% of a session. With all the distractions that we have working from home, some form of interactivity seems key to at least reaching that 68%. "Polling is the most interactive of the various Zoom features," said American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians Executive Director Bob Moore. "The chat function works well, but since not everyone has a question, polling is a nice way to keep all engaged." People like polls, especially if they're relevant and one-button easy.    59.8% have no specific virtual event strategy. I thought BVR’s event strategy outline in my post yesterday is worth noting—a three-day event in September su ...