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With Editorial Driving, BioWorld's New Website Wins on Many Levels

Lynn Yoffee, news director for BioWorld, made a good point in submitting their 2020 first place, SIPAward-winning entry this year for Best New or Relaunched Website.   “Interestingly, though the SIPA category for this entry is under the banner of marketing,” she wrote. “Please note that the entire project was driven by the editorial team with support from technology and business teams.”   Too often in the past editorial teams were siloed from important functions of an organization that didn’t involve publications. Not anymore. Many editorial teams now drive events—in-person and virtual—lead podcasts, host webinars, suggest topics, work with marketing and speak at conferences.   When it comes to the websites, the pairing makes sense. With data and analytics what they are now, editorial teams can see what content is holding their audience’s attention and for how long—and isn’t that w ...


How a SIPAward-Winning Video Attracted New Sales People for Behr's

The scene: Four executives of a company sit at a long table. “Ms. Beisenhirtz, please send in the next candidate.” Enter a young woman, sneakers and a colorful dress, talking into her phone: “You know I got 25k on Insta, right? Do you know who’s following me? Celebrities, baby, celebrities.” She gets off the phone and tells the panel to wait a moment and if they could move in closer for her selfie. They acquiesce.   She tags them on social media and then says, “Sorry I don’t usually tag people under 15k.” She sits down and is now all business. "All cell phones off and everyone look over here. I brought a concept. Hand this out please but don’t look at it yet! First of all, only one thing matters to me: Sell. Sell. Sell. High-quality products for the benefit of the customer.” She tells them how many “A-list” followers she has and says, “Now l ...