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'Be Visible as an Ally'; Blogs Can Achieve Many Goals, Especially Now

Pride 50th anniversary: Five ways you can be a better ally dentist Q&A: Discussing protests, supporting black community as dentists   Those are two June headlines from a new blog on the American Dental Association site called New Dentist Now. The days of blogs simply conveying an opinion or delivering information have passed. Blogs still do that but they can be so much more. Especially in these difficult times, blogs can give your organization a place to air more diverse voices, offer resources to your community and establish ties with new communities.   "Here are five ways you can become a better ally and ensure your office is welcoming for LGBTQ+ community," writes Dr. Alex Barrera, who practices general dentistry in Houston. "Be visible as an ally... Little things such as decorating your office for pride month (June), making a post on social media, or advertising in an LGBTQ+ magazine will show your s ...