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SIPA June Member News

Joseph Wysocki, Husband of SIPA's Former Longtime Managing Director Patti Wysocki, Passes Away at Age 72   Joseph Wysocki, Jr., 72, passed away Friday, June 12, 2020, in Richmond, Va., of a heart attack while golfing. He was the husband of former longtime SIPA managing director Patti Wysocki, who served SIPA from March 1984 to October 2006.   A Citadel graduate, Joseph served his country in the Air Force while in the Vietnam War. Later on, he was an investigator for the Virginia government. Besides playing golf, he also enjoyed gardening.   "Joe was truly authentic," said Phil Binkow, CEO of SIPA member Financial Operations Networks, where Patti has worked since leaving SIPA. "He exuded strength not just in his principles, but also in his genuine and gentle caring, humor and wit. To count Joe as your friend was a blessing; we will miss him greatly."   Another memory, in his obituary, came fro ...