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'New Incentives... for a Subscription'; Maybe Time Has Come for Timewalls

So I have 8 hours, 26 minutes and 5, 4, 3, 2—oh, you get the picture—seconds to tell you about this article I read today on the International News Media Association website before it locks, and I can't access it unless I become a member.   From an article on Twipe, I learned that this is called a timewall—sounds a little science fictiony—and it's proving to be pretty successful for acquiring new paid subscribers.   "In Germany, [the media group] Madsack launched a timewall in mid-2019 that allows new content to be free for the first hour, then it goes behind the paywall. With a goal of 25k new subscriptions with this strategy in the first 18 months, after just six months they were already halfway to their goal," writes Mary-Katharine Phillips.   Added Bernhard Bahners, chief digital officer at Madsack: "The timewall offers readers new incentives to opt for a subscription faster and more often, for example compared to conv ...