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Survey Recommends Regional Events, Safe Designs and Better Hybrid Plans

“Respondents are using more than two dozen event technology platforms—a large portion are using Zoom as one of the components. Some reported deliberately keeping it simple by using a familiar webinar platform, while others reported using as many as five platforms.” That’s from the business event planners group PCMA’s recently issued COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard Survey. It shows how there’s still no one solution for virtual events yet. So while 61% of the event planner respondents have been satisfied with the platforms they’ve used, most also said that there’s lots of room for improvement.  Finding one platform with the ability to perform all of the functions that planners are looking for was one of the most common reasons given by the 39% who said they were not satisfied with event technology. “There needs to be a virtual event platform that integrates—not links out—to other platforms besides Zoom,” ...


'Are You Leaving Money on the Table?' Hybrid Events Are Probably the Future.

I was watching an admittedly bad—but happy—TV movie the other night, and the ending focused on an in-person event where a contest winner would be announced for building the nicer house. A woman stepped to the podium: "I want to welcome everyone here tonight, and also all the wonderful people in our community watching at home who couldn't make it."   It makes sense, but of course, it's anything but revolutionary. We've been hearing awards show hosts saying that for years—although lately there have been no hosts. But you haven't really seen that introduction given at most pre-pandemic, business conferences. The thinking has usually been that by offering the conference virtually, you would encourage people not to come. Maybe let them buy some recorded sessions later.   Even when in-person events do return—and at some point they will; safety guidelines were being issued today—virtual will remain part of the mix.    "There ...