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Relationships With Colleagues, Not Just Customers, Must Be Tended to Now

So like everyone else, I've been Zooming and Google Meeting and Go-to-Webinaring, and staring at myself in those various boxes. And there has been a lot of good stuff. SIPA 2020 next Monday and Tuesday should be incredible. All of the sessions will have live Q&As, so any specific questions you have will be answered. In fact, that's probably one advantage a virtual conference has over an in-person one—you can get more specific questions answered, if not right then than later on.   When we're talking about our day-to-day jobs, however, the pendulum—perhaps out of necessity—has certainly swung more to the benefits of working remotely now. I think it's true that many of us office workers probably did underestimate the work-from-homers. I'm definitely working more hours now and being very productive, and I'm sure I'm not alone.   But...   While the loss of networking at in-person events has been talked about plenty, there has been less ta ...