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Innovate in Your Events, and You'll Be Rewarded - Now and Later on

We're often told to think outside of the box. But a magician and a theater in Los Angeles decided to think about the box and have created a hit event. And it might just have a connection to our events.   In a new online show called The Present by magician Heider Guimaraes, ticket holders are mailed a box with surprise contents that they are directed not to open until their Zoom show starts. "How do you reach out of the computer and into the audience?" asked Matt Shakman, artistic director of the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles, where the show sold out a recent extension in 26 minutes and is now going into July. "The idea would be to hold something in your hand and be part of the process. That's how you make Zoom as interesting as a black box theater." (The quotes are from a Washington Post article Sunday.)   I was reminded of the show when I saw this suggestion today from a Higher Logic post: "Work fun swag into ...