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Imagine. SIPA Members Show Ability to Pivot in Face of Pandemic.

"The team had to be nimble and committed. They had to move fast. We created all new content for upcoming issues of Madison Magazine—no easy matter in a business that works 4 months out. For example, our Road Trip Issue's content had to be completely changed. One of the new features was Tune In to Take Out."   That's a quote from Andie Behling of Morgan Murphy Media in an interview with Bo Sacks. So many publishers have had to pivot not only on their events but on what they cover and their webinars. Here are five examples to be applauded from fellow SIPA members. I've added a little Beatles tint for the headings.   I've Just Seen a Face - the Zoom window. In its May newsletter, Environment Hawaii ran an article titled Board Talk: COVID-19 Effects on Tenants, Legacy Lands. It was accompanied by a wonderful photo of the Zoom meeting they had—talk about powerful faces! "On April 9, v ...