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Global Audience, Discussion Rooms, Polling - The Virtues of Virtual Events

Offer content—video, gamification, polling—and then bring people together around that. Speaking at the ongoing-through-May CES Deconstructed Jesse Serventi, founding partner, Renovus Capital, said (in a virtual discussion) today that we're really just starting to learn how to "have a keen understanding of how to engage an audience virtually. A lot of it is asynchronous. You're on an island. You're going through it by yourself. It's tough to engage. But then it's also synchronous where you might be watching many hours of content. That's tough too. The companies doing the best job are bringing in both. They might be starting off with prerecorded asynchronous content, watching video, doing a multiple choice quiz, and then coming together to do a group exercise around that and developing relationships—reaching you through multiple modalities. That's just a great way to engage the customer or get customers hooked in an even better way than live in-person training ...