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Crisis Initiatives That May Have Longer Shelf Lives

"Like most B2B publishers over the last three years, we've been trying to take our reach much higher up the value chain within the audience. We have VVIP segments within our audience, so a lot of the editors and editorial directors are running hang-outs for those groups."   That's from Jonathon Whiteley, CEO of Incisive Media, a large B2B publisher in the UK. It comes from an InPublishing article about Incisive's strategy during the pandemic.   We've all been disrupted to different degrees during COVID-19. But when we do return to some sort of normalcy—hopefully soon—various types of virtual hang-outs may be one element we continue to see more of, especially if travel still lags.   Here are other elements that might remain prevalent post-pandemic:   Remote working. In comments from a video call last week published by Associations Now, Sunil Prashara, president and CEO of the Project Management Institute, said that wo ...