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A Detailed Checklist for Virtual Conferences

Near the end of the London chapter meetup this morning—early this morning—events came up briefly. One participant said that, for an upcoming event that was moved to virtual, he was registering more participants, including people from much further away than normal. "Only snag is I don't have the confidence to charge enough money."   (I just heard in a panel discussion that a B2B conference organizer is seeing more people sign up from the same organization that she normally sees.)   "The way we're using digital tools now has changed so much to our advantage," another participant said. "People need to be connected. They are craving meaningful connections and communities around our content. Everyone [asks] what's next? Probably a combination of online training and connections. There's an opportunity there."   An extensive new report has been released by the Association for Computing Machinery titled "Virtual Conferences: A Guide to ...