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More Keys to Holding a Successful Virtual Event

I tuned into a live online concert a couple Saturdays ago on Facebook Live, and the flute and guitar duo dazzled. But the other exciting aspect was watching—and participating in—the comments section on the right side. Although I wasn't directly communicating with the people, it kind of felt that way when I responded to the music or played off of one of their comments.   When it ended, the flute player reached out to me—I was one of the organizers—and responded to a nice comment I made. And I reached out to a couple commenters that I hadn't spoken with in a while.   In an article last week on MarTech Advisor titled We Took Our 500-Person User Conference Virtual in Just 5 Days: Here's What We Learned, Dayana Nevo, VP marketing, WalkMe, wrote about the importance of networking. "You need to create engagement throughout the event to make sure that people stay tuned. This includes finding ways to network on social media."   Su ...