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How Coleman Report Live Is Bringing in Record Webinar Revenue - and Goodwill

This is the first in a series of articles on SIPA member companies that are dealing with some part of the frontlines of the pandemic. Today, it's Coleman Publishing,   Joseph Coleman is very proud of the job Coleman Publishing is doing with their daily online show—Coleman Report Live—serving SBA lenders, bankers and small business financing experts. And he should be. It's a hit. Hundreds of small-business lenders—and, he's told, the #2 at SBA—and more are tuning in every day to hear the latest news about the trillions of dollars that the government has earmarked for loans.   "For the most part, people are so thirsty for any spot of normalcy," Coleman told me at the end of last week. "We start at 1 pm Eastern time every day, no matter what. I think it's comforting for people to log in for 30 minutes. It's a ritual now." And it's leading to lots of goodwill and record revenue for Coleman webinars. "We cater to a not-really-talked-about segmen ...