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Need a Document Template? SIPA Has a Treasure Trove of Them.

In a discussion on new product development last week on the Discussion Forum, a member was looking for a new product development worksheet—something that "gave the editorial and development teams a starting point for creating the product or service."   Stephanie Williford, CEO of EB Medicine, responded that they "developed something like that several years ago and have found it to be very helpful. We actually created a three-step process; step 1 is filling out an initial worksheet... If the idea passes that step, then it goes to the next one, which is a more detailed worksheet and business cases analysis."   From there, Ed Coburn, president of Cabot Wealth Network, made those forms generic and combined them into a single document for others who may want to use this. It's titled Product Development Process Template and now sits in the Sample and Model Documents section of our website.    Take a look at these documents for your own use ...