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Sorting Your Events Now and Finding 'Complements' for the Future

We've all seen the obvious hits that events are starting to take. Tom Hagy of HB Litigation Conferences wrote a thoughtful response on the Discussion Forum this morning why he "backed off the event business last year."   "It's too vulnerable. Vulnerable to everything from weather to calamity to greedy employees and partners who don't hesitate to take the money and run," he wrote. "I never intended it to be a standalone operation. It was always a great complement to what else I was doing..."   Of course, that doesn't help our present situation. But the Discussion Forum is in other ways. There has been a solid strand on cancellation policies. Ed Coburn of Cabot Wealth Network posted a policy that his colleague Linda Vassaly found from Hubspot:   "First things first: the INBOUND team's foremost goal is to keep you, our future attendees, safe. We're optimistic that COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) will be contained before INBOUN ...