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Start Early, Reach Out Often and Be Outcomes-Based to Secure Renewals

At De Correspondent, a Dutch, membership-based news site, journalists regularly turn to all 60,000 members to ask for potential sources, information and inspiration for new stories—a process that works so well that it expanded to the U.S. market as The Correspondent. At the MelEdits blog, Melanie Padgett Powers, a big contributor to our Association Media & Publishing division, writes that organizations should develop a similar system when it comes to generating content. “...put out a content creation call for sources in your regular e-newsletter,” she writes. “Plan ahead and regularly ask for contributions on specific topics... Continually monitor social media and your online communities to see what members are talking about—but also who is doing the talking.” The benefits of this process are multifold: Not only will you be able to see what your members are talking about—and therefore what kind of content is relevant—bu ...