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New Digital Trends Report Puts Focus on Women, Video and eCommerce

There’s an odd—and slightly discomforting—duality in Similarweb’s 2020 Digital Trends report. While mobile web saw traffic increase by an “astounding” 30.6% since 2017,” traffic to the top 100 media publications was down by 5.3% between 2018-2019 and by 7% since 2017. The two media categories that saw increasing traffic are Finance and Business, and Women’s Interest. The trend benefiting finance publications is that of users seeking impartial financial information turning to third-party content sites to learn more. “While most of the top finance publications see traffic rise, switched to a different URL structure, resulting in what only appears to be a decline in traffic, and sees traffic decline due to a diversified portfolio of sites,” the report explains. The report covers the latest trends in eCommerce, travel, media publications, finance, social media and more. It examines incoming ...