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How Brief Media Combines Business Success with Doing Good

Don't focus on the frills, advised VR Ferose, SVP and head of SAP Engineering Academy, in a recent article in Forbes titled 5 Radical Ideas to Re-Imagine Conferences. "When a conference is all about free T-shirts, stickers and lots of giveaways, be a little skeptical. While a bit of nudging is always helpful, overdoing it can be counter-productive. Remember all those lanyards, plastic covers for IDs, plastic bottles, and other swags we got from various events over many years?" Especially in these environmentally conscious times, turning your attention to a community project can attract more people or give them something more tangible to remember. "Audiences have an innate want to be a part of something," said Nina Gomez, head of operations, Singapore, CWT Meetings & Events. "They don't want be on the sidelines anymore, they want to be a part of something bigger." In all types of media—B2B, consumer, association—publishers are increasingly embracing the wider ...