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'Urgency, Excitement and a Reason to Read': Crafting Engaging Headlines

In a famous New Yorker cartoon, a woman publisher sits behind a desk addressing Charles Dickens and his manuscript, and cheerfully advises: "But think of the SEO if the title actually named the two cities."   Titles and headlines. In a recent virtual editorial session we held, Mike Andronico, editor in chief of Tom's Guide, a technology publication/website for Future Plc, posited on the attention they feel must be paid to headlines. "For a news story the most important thing to me is that it has a great headline that people are going to want to click on and read. So we do a lot of headline workshopping. We use our Slack to brainstorm ideas.   "Honestly that's one thing I pay close attention to," Andronico continued. "I really enjoy that brainstorming process. It doesn't always take super-long. Sometimes we'll just share three ideas, the staff will pick their favorite and we'll go from there. But I think it's especially important for ...


How Two Top Future plc Editors Are Taking Their Verticals to New Heights

"...what really makes an outlet stand out, especially now in 2020, is being able to establish all your writers as distinct voices—people that readers will want to come back to read whatever they write. That's kind of one of my big focuses and goals—to make sure that our writers become [that] voice, and folks will want to read their latest stuff."