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SIIA, Industry Express Strong Concerns with NIST Draft Privacy Framework

SIIA joined with 11 other industry organizations today to express strong concerns with the direction and potential impact of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) recently proposed privacy risk management framework.  Specifically, in their draft Internal Report, “Privacy Risk Management for Federal Information Systems”, NIST puts forward a privacy risk management framework with privacy engineering objectives and a privacy risk model.  The draft report is intended to offer a methodology to federal agencies to enable them to identify, calculate and account for privacy risks in their systems.


SIIA Digital Policy Roundup

SIIA Submits Comments on U.S. Department of Commerce Green Paper On Friday, SIIA submitted comments to the Internet Policy Task Force in response to its request for public remarks on its Copyright Green Paper. Addressing a majority of the Task Force’s questions, SIIA’s response focused in on the Task Force’s examination of the first sale defense in the digital environment. In summary, SIIA is concerned that potential application of the first sale doctrine to licensed material, or other undue restrictions that may be placed on either the ability of publishers to license or the manner in which publishers license, will make it more challenging for publishers to recoup the investment they have made to develop new products and update existing ones and to widely distribute their products and services to the public in the manner that consumers enjoy today.